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Invalid Shares Radeon RX580 Series 8GB PhoenixMiner

Hello everybody.

I am new at mining and I got a mining farm ETH with Radeon RX580 8 GB.
I am mining with PhoenixMiner in Ethermine pool but with OverClock Settings i am having some problems.
Sometimes it says “PhoenixMiner reboot” because of GPU error, and other times appears invalid shares.

I have searched on Internet and maybe my OverClock settings are not the best ones.
Can anybody help me a little bit with my OC Settings?
I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: All my 9 GPU are bios modded.

Hi 1200 core clock is a little bit too hight for your card try to lower your oc start with 1050 for core and 2000 for memory and add 50 every time you see that your rig is stable.
Happy mining

The OC were given by the old owner of the rig, and he went well with that OC settings.

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