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Invalid shares on only one XFX RX580 8 GB

Hi everyone! I spent the last few days trying to resolve this issue, but no luck. I have rig with 5 RX580 8GBGPUs and 1 RX570 8GB. I have one GPU which always returns invalid shares (using Phoenix miner). Its starts out ok, but after 30-40 minutes, the invalid shares begin to come in. I’ve performed the one-click bios update, played around with different OC settings, but no luck. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this?
FYI, the problematic GPU isn’t on a riser. Also, when I was running 5 cards in that rig, I had no issues. I added an MSI RX580 GB on a riser and then the issue with invalid shares began, can power be an issue? I’m runnin 2 power supplies (650w & 750w, distributed the wattage as evenly as possible).

Appreciate any help.

in Image below, the issue is the second on the list. Only showing one invalid share because I restarted the miner, but overnight, it had 30.

I would tune the core voltage, 1000mv is 10-20% more than you should need, and set the rest of your clocks. If you continue to get invalids reduce the memory clock even more.

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Appreciate the help. I don’t usually change the memory clock. It helped! thanks.

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