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Invalid shares on Hive but not Ethermine

I’ve got my cards dialed in, for the most part, but I have one finicky one that starts throwing errors after about 24 hours of stability, then it will throw around 150 invalid shares a day. I’ve tried reducing the clock speeds and adjusting voltage, but nothing works. I’ve tried lowering it a significant amount with no good results, just lower hashes. I have 3 of this specific card (MSI RX580 8GB) and the other two operate fine. I have 8 other Sapphire RX580 8gn that also run fine. All of them are set to 1150/2200/850/20 and run stable for days, save for this one card. The weird part is, when I check, it says I only have 2 invalid/stale shares? Anyone else experience anything similar? All bios are modded, issue persists if I flash to stock as well.

I had the same issue and it was heat. Try to set “Autofan Settings” “Target Core TEMP” to 67C° or even 65C°. Put a Fan in front of this cards. Are the cards in the middle of the rig or over the Motherboard CPU?
Most time you do not see any temperature changings cause the GPU CPU is cooled very well. The problem are the memory chips. If this works and it gets better try to get high quality Thermal Pads and change the old ones.


With it being winter here my cards are running at 40c full load, so not sure it is a temp issue. But I will def need to set the autofan settings come Summer!

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