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Invalid Shares not showing on pool

I’ll a new miner and wanted to see if some one could help me understand better the invalid shares. one of my rx 580 started spitting invalid shares two days ago, about 40 a day, i’ve been monitoring it on hiveshell and I don’t see anything about invalid share. when i looked in the hiveon pool, it says i don’t have any invalid shares. I’m little confused, not sure if im misinterpreting the stats. thanks in advance!

I don’t think invalid shares are sent to the pool. You should only see stale shares on the pool. I believe I read that somewhere before.

Invalid shares it’s shares that not passed CPU verification on your worker. Such shares not send to pool.
Invalid shares caused by hardware problems, usually due very high overclocking settings.

thanks for your comments. I also noticed that it started after I installed the new update. i down graded versions and now is not doing it.

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