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Invalid shares and OC settings for RTX 3080

i am getting some invalid shares on my graphic cards, i dont know if they are because de OC settings or due to the temperature of the graphicards. Also the hasrate of one videocard is lower than the others

any help will be aprecciated <3

Your settings look fine to me. Memory is low, which is good…
I use 1060 core and 2250 memory and never get invalids.
Id also do the latest Nvidia driver update to 465.xx
Try mining Eth alone on Hiveon pool , using Trex miner and see if you get the same thing.
Before anything, id Also make sure you put a 40 second time delay on ur overclocks. That usually helps alot. In the overclock window towards the bottom youll see a place to put an overclock time delay. Do that then restart miner

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