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Invalid shares and GPU Stop mining


I have two issues that i did not figured out how to correct.
The first one is some invalid shares on GPU 0.
And the second one is that the GPU 3 for some reasons stop mining…
Please find below the configuration that i have.

Please note that I have the 3 last GPU on the same PCIE.
Hope you will be able to help me.
Many thanks!!

well usually invalid shares come from improper OC or bad straps in the bios mod. GPU3 can also be with slightly higher OC settings due to different manufacturing batch. try adjusting just a little the OC settings. the problem for GPU 3 might also come from the fact that you use PCIe splitter card.

Thanks a lot. I gave it a try and it is better.
One last thing that i do not understand how is ont possible to have a rig which IS mining good during 5 hours and suddendly with no action on my side one GPU stop mining ?

Its possible when the OC or bios mod is slightly off. It occasionally gets errors

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