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Invalid shares 3060ti

Hi, I’m new to mining and I’m having a couple of invalid shares on one of my GPUs.
WHat else can I change?
Thank you

Do not be worry about those red signs

t-rex v.0.20.3 99.96% A:98959/R:40

Be worry, why your 3060Ti is not working at ~60Mhash

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I have changed my OC setting but still don’t get 60 MHS. Any suggestion on what else i can do to improve it?
Thank you

Thank you, still not geting 60 MHS

try to rise mem clock on those witch are hashing slower

All of those 3060ti`s are same brand and model ??

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yes they are all founders edition.
Will give it a try thank you

Rise PL for GPU 0,3,4
At first by 5, if it`s hit 60, leave, if not, rise for another 5, but only where it didnt hit 60.

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Thank you so much for your help.
I can see some improvements will keep an eye on it.
Have a great day

Now set back youre mem into 2500. Its going to be nice now :slight_smile:

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you can try with mem clock 2250 or 2300. raise them just a bit with small steps to see how they improve or if they get invalid shares.

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In this case should i lower mem clock a bit and see if i lose MHS?

Also for the PL how high can i take safely?

Its a matter of testing. Finding the sweet spot.

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running this for a couple hours. A huge improvement on MH/s. Let’s see if it stays stable. Thank you for your help

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