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Internet Connection turns "Offline"

My rig turns offline after sometime and I cannot turn it on remotely. I am trying reboot but I cannot manage to turn online. I am using an ethernet cable and my home internet for the system. While I am at work if it turns offline is there a way to turn it online again. Rebooting doesnot work.!


I’ve had this happen myself. It was a frustrating process of elimination.

In your bios options,

  • disabled the power save rubbish?

  • many have an option to “power on after power a failure” I can’t remember the name… but stay powered up.

  • Check your logs for a hardware fault. It’s possible it’s going into self-protection mode…
    I had a cpu fan fail which caused the cpu to overheat and the system simply blinked out.

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Thank you so much brother, it really helped to solve my issues😁. I also arranged GEN2 for pci port settings.