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Intermittent rig operation

Is it the internet. Why is my hash rate unstable

probably due to your OCs, what are they?

Try lowering the memory by a lot to test, and increase the fan speed as well

Do you mean both the the core clock and the memory clock

Your core clocks are fine. Any lower on some and you’ll be limiting performance.

So now the hashrate is stable but lower.
Can I now raise it gradually

Yeh, the goal is to find the highest memory clocks that are stable.

Should I be on the lookout for anything

Why did lose 200

turn your fans to 100% your mem temps are probably all 110c on the 3090s

The fans at 100 made my rig shutdown. They were not at 110c. Can I go back to 80

Should I experiment with undervolting

My rig now works for about 6-7 hours and I have watchdog set. What can I do to make it run continuously. Without having to manually reset it after it loses connection.

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