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Intel Wifi 6E AX210 160mhz driver for HiveOS

Hey there, got a laptop which kind of need to run on WiFi it’s running the Intel Wifi 6E AX210 160mhz driver on Windows. I’ve tried looking online to see if I can get it to install through hive but not having much success. Just checking on here to see if anyone has had any success perhaps or done this on other laptops they may have? Thanks!

is there a linux driver for it?

you could always get a $5 usb wifi adapter if not.

When I look online I can find a few topics. I found this link here: drivers - No hope for AX211 wifi working on ubuntu 20.04? - Ask Ubuntu but the command doesn’t seem to work.

As shared previously by Keaton and on the discord channel, an inexpensive USB to WiFi adapter proven to work with 18.x ubuntu and HiveOs is your highest success path.