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Instinct mi50 (radeon vii) low hashrate after 1 minute

Hello friend.
I have one radeon instinct mi50 (radeon vii) , I use last version hive os , I have some problem, all system works correct, but after load the instinct mi50 ( 1 minute) stay hashrate in RVN from 38mh to 16mh and power from 154w to 74 ,
But when system load in loading writes some error (screen)
Maybe someone have resolve the problem ?
More thanks.

Try setting more conservative voltages/clocks and reboot

Hello I do more settings but is not changing nothing, other my gpu card 5700 and 5700xt working well and settings working good. But this radeon vii not changing nothing, and after booting power will down to 74w from 150-180w , and hashrate to 16mh from 36-38mh , I think is driver maybe , but I use last version hive and last driver amd . I don’t know watch I can do more . Thank .

Try lowering ocs until you dont have those errors you posted

Sorry frien watch is ocs?

OC = overclock, if it is stable with lower clocks, looser memory timings and higher voltages,that would help you rule out hardware issues.

Hi friend , not do overlooking all standard.
But if i doing overlooking not changing nothing.