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Installing a new card

Hi all.

A very general question from my side.

Let’s assume for a moment I have a small rig running with 4 RX 580’s.
Now lets assume that I wish to add another non RX 580 to this rig. Let’s say a 6600XT.

When I install the card and power on the rig, HiveOS always attempts to apply the RX 580’s OC settings to the newly installed card.

I wish to know how to stop this behavior from occurring so that any newly installed card is set to stock.

Can someone help me with this question?

Thank you and best regards,

Your OC settings are individual for every PCIe slot. If you replace a GPU and forget to tell Hive that you have less GPUS in the rig, the OC settings for the GPU replaced will be applied on the new GPU, otherwise the new GPU will start to mine with the stock settings. Other thing that you can do is to put your worker in maintenance mode with loading drivers, then the GPUS will be identified and you can see what OC was applied without mining yet, once you are satisfy with the OC settings you can disable the maintenance mode and start the miner, or reboot.

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