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Install issue

Hello! Just setting up a second HIVEOS rig and unfortunately my install keeps “sticking” with a green OK and then the text “Started Hive”. But then absolutely nothing happens. It won’t progress at all so I can add the rig info. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Plz, describe your hardware setup: motherboard, videocards vendor, which card present at x16 PCI-E slot, etc …

I am also facing the same problem…
Having Z270-P Motherboard, 6 GPUs Sapphire RX-480 (8gb)

Make sure you connect the monitor to the Primary PCIe slot. Don’t assume that it is the closest one to the power supply.

I had this exact same issue because up to this point of the install it uses whatever GPU you plug the monitor into. But HiveX is only displayed on the primary GPU.

So if you get to this point and don’t know which one it is just take the monitor cable and plug it into the other GPUs until you see the HiveX screen.