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Install apps, launch file manager

Hello, how i can launch the file manager ? How i can install .deb file (to set a max temperature value, like amdoverdrivectrl_1.2.7_amd64.deb)

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mc - Midnight Commander

I thought of something that looked like that

But i can install a app with mc ?

Well it is Ubuntu 16.04 with Openbox as window manager.
You can install what ever you like. :wink:
F.e. synaptic as package manager: apt-get install synaptic

As file manager Thunar, ROX or pcmanfm.

But be careful all this programs need RAM and CPU and it may hurt
your mining performance. Thats why i use the terminal. But i only
have 4GB RAM and a cheap Celeron CPU.

What command do you use for install ?

At the terminal
apt-get install synaptic
You run it with “synaptic”

apt-get install pcmanfm
You run it with “pcmanfm”