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Inquiry and Suggestion Regarding Custom Miners in HiveOS


I would like to inquire whether the HiveOS team intends to add the astronv, or if it would be possible to allow adding 2 custom miners in a single Flight Sheet.

To mine, for example, with both CPU and GPUs on the same rig, I have to seek alternatives via code since HiveOS does not permit having 2 custom miners.

It’s just a suggestion; I hope everyone is doing well and wish you all great work.

Best regards.

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I will pass your suggestions on, and let you know if theres any changes made

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And if you can take a look at it also :wink:

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Already forwarded this as well :pray:

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Many thanks Keaton

Also, have you noticed that Android HiveOS app, is lacking of lastets updates icobn, improvments aso …