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Initminer error unable to initialize cuda miner minerdude 12x phoenixminer

So I have a minerdude 12x rig. I currently have 10 Nvidia GPUS running like champs. When I try and add a 11th GPU I get “initminer error unable to initialize cuda miner” I add the OC for new GPU, checked all connections, tried rebooting. Now if I take the 11th GPU back out everything runs fine. SMOS, phoenixminer, 3 power supply’s 1200 watts each.

Does the gpu show up properly?

Yes GPU shows properly

Does display output work on all when it fails to mine?

Mines for about 10 seconds. Displays all cards , fans speeds, temperature and watts stay but hash rates all go to zero.

Have you tried hiveos?

No I havnt

Try hiveos, and if you have any issues let us know