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Incorrect hashrate

One of the GPUs doesnt show the hashrate for a few minutes. Different GPU during the day. This problem has started after migration to HiveOS 2.0 There was no any problem before HiveOS 2.0 It happens on my all 18 NVIDIA Rigs. GTX1060, GTX1050 and GTX1070

Your rig has very huge Load avg which causing many other problems

How could I reduce this high load avg ? All 18 rigs has the same problem. 18 rigs have been working without this problem for 6 months. But this problem occurs during the day.

This maybe causing by NVidia driver.
NVidia specific issue. Card or cards not fallen (only if error not equal “off-the-bus” error) but causing huge system load

To check this you can run this command
dmesg -T | grep Xid