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Inconsistent performance with OC profile fan settings?

I’ve got OC settings for an nVidia rig with a manual fan speeds set across all cards. On the overview tab, the purple graph next to the blue temp graph is always showing a percentage other than the setting in the OC profile. Sometimes cards even show 0% even though they’re running and the cards end up being thermal throttled. Not sure how this could be a BIOS problem on multiple cards and have downloaded the latest 460.39 drivers.

On reboot, GPU fans speed up to max as system posts, and seem to stay there for a few minutes before slowing back down and hash rates decline. Can’t tell how fast they’re going based on the reporting from the software, just what I see and hear standing next to the cards. And once a few minutes have gone by, they seem to go into auto fan speed and are only operating intermittently. And the percentages next to the purple graph are not the manual settings typed into the OC profile.

For example, I currently have the fan speeds manually set to 95% on the profile, but on the overview tab, they are between 50-60%.

Are there additional steps to keep fans operating at specific speeds set in overclock profile?

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