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Improve my RIG or is it OK (for long run)

I just started mining 3 month ago. First, thank to Hive OS team for it OS and support. It greatly simplify life for us (or me at least).

Currently I have a little RIG with only 3 GPUs. I plan to add more GPU (and RIGs) in the near future. The goal here was to learn and calculate if it worth the effort. And yes, with current ETH price, it worth it !

What I’d like to get from the forum is an opinion about my settings and results to see if it worth to go ahead again, or if it’s OK now. The main goal of my RIG is not to get the best hashrate, but to have a stable RIG with correct hashrate/power ratio AND reliability.

Here what I currently have :

From the wall, it’s 440W. GPUs bios are modded in regard with IgorTek forum and posts.

What do you think ?
Thank you,

Hello ,
You have well good values there for gigabytes… I have two of them with rev2 and im strugling with the wattage 140watt each… could share the bios?

did you lower the soc clock? saves some more watts

hello, I have it in one card at 950. and in another 1050… its the same …
Maybe its the bios rev 2 problem…

The first one gpu has only Straps (copy 1550) ,the second one has bios mod like the other but with mpt table soc value lower…

I done exactly what is stated in igortek topic (page 2 of the topic at bottom - Mini_Me post) about Gigabyte cards. I do this on all cards, gigabyte and sapphire, in the same way :

  • Apple strap
  • MPT settings (SoC at 1050)

I used HiveOS to grab the original Bios from the card, mod it offline on my desktop computer, then use HiveOs again to flash the modded bios to the cards.

So I prefer you to do the same rather than send you a bios that may damage your card because of the bios ID problem.

Anyway, thank to all to reassure me about my settings :wink:

P.S. : don’t trust the numbers in HiveOS, use a wattmeter from the wall

Thanks a lot for the info … i will try it and i post infos…
Thanks and good mining

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