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Immersion Cooling Issues

I have an immersion cooling setup installed in one of my farms.

The setup consists of:

  1. A water tower - water is pumped into the tower through a honeycomb type of plastic, and then cooled with a large fan which sucks air up the tower and out of the top
  2. A 3-tier stainless steel shelving solution from LianLi. Each shelf has 5 x S19 miners immersed in oil. Oil is pumped through the shelves (in at the bottom and out at the top), before the immersion oil goes through a heat exchanger where the water cools a radiator which cools the oil

Up until end of Nov, the immersion solution was indoors, and the water tower was outdoors. The setup ran perfectly. All 15 x S19 miners were running at their expected hashrate, all running sub 80 degrees Celsius. At the start of Dec the outside temps rose from 20-24 degrees to 28-30 degrees. The net effect in the temp rising, meant the water became hotter (and the tower from baking in the sun all day), which meant less cooling. All miners ran hot (> 85 degrees Celcius) and I had to shut down.

Suggested solutions from manufacturer:
The manufacturer recommended that I move the water tower inside as well, and add air extraction to filter out hot air, and bring in fresh air into the room. After spending a lot of money for the initial solution + installation, and for the “reinstallation”, the heat issues still persist.

Despite the ambient room temp being 20-24 degrees during a hot day, even if I run 1 x S19 per shelf (there are 3 shelves) the oil temps hit high 40s, which results in miners going > 85 degrees, which means miners shut down.

Where I am right now:

  1. Ambient temps are great
  2. The sun isn’t baking the tower any more, so cooling should be great
  3. I have a large 44000m3 extractor fan getting rid of all the hot air from the cooling tower and miners
  4. All parts have been stripped off, checked and cross checked. Everything is working as expected (pipes are clean, water is clean, air flow is good, oil pump rate is good, etc)

I am as optimised as I can get right now, but still not able to mine.

Photo of setup:

Any who has had similar issues?