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Im getting this error "Unrecoverable memory error by GPU" all the time

Hi all, I changed the thermal pads yesterday and now i get these errors with any miners (lolminer,gminer etc) the mem temp is ok? im getting 88c. please help. thanks

here are my OC

lower oc and reboot.
repeat until stable

i did it with all memory clocks at 1000 but nothing. i never had any problems with memory oc it started 2 days ago.

does it crash with 0 on the memory?

Put a 20 second delay before applying overclock (under the ALL button).
Fixed my problem. It would come and go, sometimes more frequently depending on the version of the mining software - gminer was a constant write off.

It’s possible your DAG file isn’t being built properly in one, or more, of your cards when your OC kicks on mid build.

yes is still crashing all the time after 2 hours of mining

But that only happens with on one gpu i dont know why

What clocks? Does it crash at 0 on the memory?

yes, crash with memory at 0

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview page?

now GPU 0 die , my gpu is diying

GPU 0 die

Lower the core oc, go back to around 1500. If it continues crashing with conservative clocks try swapping cards around to test risers/cables etc and see where the problem follows.