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I'm getting charged and the billing is VERY confusing

Edit: Reuploaded the correct picture👆🏽

I’ve been trying to figure out why am I getting charged $0.10 perday (I think it’s 10 cents). When I go into the Billing portion of my Hive OS dashboard I see that as a breakdown of charges.

First of all I don’t understand the equation above; $0.01 = $0.10 + $0.10 + $0.01, that just doesn’t add up.

I first noticed this after I was mining Ravncoin to 2miners. I then tried switching one to Hiveon, because I thought that I read somewhere that I needed to have at least one mining to Hiveon, but it seems like I’m still getting charged.

I have a very tiny “farm”. It’s actually not a farm, it’s more like a smallholding lol. So I would like to understand how I can avoid unnecessary billing. Thank you for your help

How many rigs do you have total?

I have 3 active, and one innactive. I recently added a the forth one, which is now active.
Rig 1 - Mining monero to & mining Ravencoin to 2miners.
Rig 2 - Mining monero to & mining Ravncoin to hiveon.
Rig 3 - Not mining.
Rig 4 - Newly added, mining XMR only.

Free tier only applies to 4 or less workers, mining to hiveon pools if mining etc or rvn. Basically, switch your 2miners pool to hiveon and you shouldn’t be billed starting the next day.

If you have any 5 workers online in a given day, even if it’s for 1 minute each at different times, you’ll be billed for all.

Ok, that’s easy enough. Do you still only charge per 5 minutes and not per day?
I saw that in a medium article from hiveon (Billing in Hive OS. Breaking billing news! Take a closer… | by Hive OS | Hiveon | Medium)

Thanks for the quick response!

It’s back to the pay per day billing now, as of about 2 weeks ago

Ok. thank you. I will finish the day in my current configuration and change before the end of the day.

Just double checked, the pay per day schedule may not have went into effect quite yet, but if it’s not it will be very soon, and articles will be updated to follow.