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Illegal memory access on RTX 3060

So I have been trying the method to get my 2 RTX 3060 to the “max” hashrate but when I was looking on Hive Shell I notice both devices were getting the “CUDA Error: an illegal memory access was encountered (err_no=77)” (Screenshot by Lightshot) and the miner is restarting every single time, and with that, I cant get to the next phase the fan glitch.

Any ideas?
PS: I’m new on these so some things are from youtube and Reddit post, all the setting on the miner are from 2 youtube videos about the glitch

Update even when i edit the OC for other devices I get this error Screenshot by Lightshot

I have being testing with diferente miners, and got it to work with one of the 3060, but its getting error and resetting the miner!

there is post dedicated to this topic where they constantly putting info. Today it was the glitch can be done braking fan with hand and having the oc lower so that it achieves more stability

only thing that if fan remains after 100%

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