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Identical cards, drastically different hash rates. Cant figure out why

HI All,

I’m doing a bit if spec mining and am wondering why 2 identical cards - 3060ti FE - are getting drastically different hash rates. One is pulling down 39+ GH and the other is 265 MH. Previously, there’s cards ran within 5% of each other, which is reasonable. But now they no where close on SHA512, but almost equal on other algorithms. See the image.

I’ve tried various overclock settings, running only SHA512, but nothing seems to get things close.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

The 39gh is innacurate and looks like the gpu crashed. That card is only capable of around 800mh or so on radiant, nowhere close to 50x time that.

I wouldn’t mine 2 core based algos on the same card at the same time, as it will be less profitable than just mining the one. If you really want to just mine a little bit of everything put one card on alph and one on rxd. You’ll get a higher hashrate that way.

Thanks Keaton,

I check the pool and yes, the 39 GH was incorrect. Looking at the pool they were with a few percent of each other.

I do want to mine a bit of a few things, so took your advice and am only running 1 card per coin. However I’m thinking about setting it up for a single coin for 7 days and then switch.

Anyway, thank you for your help. Amazing as always.

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