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IceRiver KS3M disconnects from NH every 24 Hours

I have two new IceRiver KS3M machines set up on my network at home mining on NiceHash
Both machines are running the latest Firmware from IceRiver
Both machines disconnect almost every 24 hours
Can’t even enter the web interface, they have to be rebooted manually
Worse than that I’ve had to Reset them several times in the last few days
Their support team gave me some spiel about a virus on my network, but I run a tight ship, and I’m 99% there’s no such virus. don’t really have any where else to run them to test that theory out
Anyone have any ideas, or has anyone else experience this.

Assuming this is being used with asic hub? I havent seen anyone with this issue with any besides the ks0, but maybe the ks3m also have very limited free space as well and have the same firmware bug. (My ks1 does not)

The problem is when accessing the stats from the machine this info goes into a log file on the device itself (a who/what/when type of thing) and eventually this log file gets bigger than the amount of free space (takes 24hr or so) and instead of wiping the lg file, the device kills the app web process which is whats responsible for the web dashboard and stats access, and only gets restarted after a reboot.

Solution/workaround until iceriver fixes the bug is you can either increase all the stats intervals in the settings for asic hub to slow down the log file getting filled up and in return slow down the machine from crashing itself, but this alone likely wont solve the issue, only delay it. So you can also schedule a reboot in hive under schedules and have it reboot every 24hr/every other day etc etc whatever you find out works for you.

i have exactly the same problem with exactly the number of ks3m, cant figure it out, i have done everything , please if you solved it share , thank you in advance

You can do this for now