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IB Ring Failure

Ive searched numerous sites and I am trying to diagnose an IB Ring error issue. Typically IB ring 12 and IB ring 13 failure. This shows up after initial bios and AFTER hive posts, but before getting to the Linux console. Typically where it would identify the AMD cards. The only solution I have found is replacement of risers. I have replaced numerous risers with brand new and literally have a pile of new risers. This error does not post consistently, but typically I have an OpenCL hang during mining or similar GPU error, the rig restarts, and it IB ring fails and hangs preventing rig restart.

Setup is Prime Z270A, 2x 4gb corsair memory vs, pentium g4560, sandisk 16gb, and a mix of 7 - MSI 570/580 4 and 8 gb cards. I preferably use ubit risers. 1000w evga gold and 750w corsair gold. Ran as 750w as prime and 1000w as slave (mb split cable, not add 2 psu). Risers powered by 6pin or molex. All are connected to their same corresponding gpu’s psu. I also connect them directly to the 1x - 16x pci e slots. Not using the m.2 adapters or similar yet.

This is maddening as I am making plenty of gpu voltage changes to try and prevent the openCL hangs, but without much luck or logs since typically it hangs while im at work or asleep then cant repost as linux / hive wont load if an IB ring failure load error occurs. Any ideas would be great.

I run this and 2 other rigs through Hive. This rig is the only Ive had this amount of issues on regarding IB ring failure. The others run pretty smooth with little to no hangs or issues and if issues occur it restarts and is fine.