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I would love some assistance - connecting 5700xt to rig causes rig to not boot/get to BIOS

Hey all. I’m a bit stumped here. I have a rig that is 3x 3070 and 1x 3060 ti. It’s running on a MSI Z390-A PRO using HiveOS via a SSD. I’m using PCIe risers for all 4 cards. Last Wednesday I got a 5700xt (PowerColor dual fan AXRX5700XT-8GBD) and put it straight from the box into my rig (another riser), using TeamRedMiner. I put it in my rig on Wednesday around 5pm and it immediately began mining with 0 issues at about 113watts and getting a hash rate of ~50. Everything was perfect until Friday around 3pm, I got an alert that my rig went offline. I was nowhere near the rig so I don’t believe I directly caused the issue the moment whatever happened. Now if my 5700xt is connected to the mobo at all I get nothing except an underscore on the screen (Underscore - Album on Imgur). No BIOS, no booting into an OS, nothing.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Only 1 Nvidia card and the 5700xt connected.
  • Only the 5700xt connected (nothing appears on the screen at all).
  • Putting the 5700xt directly on the mobo without a riser.
  • Using a known working riser (from the 3060 ti) connected to the 5700xt.
  • Using an ssd with windows on it, still just an underscore if connected when booting.
  • Connecting the 5700xt via eGPU enclosure to a windows computer. It recognizes that a 5700xt is connected and I can see it in TechPowerUp GPU-Z, but the bios version says Unknown and the memory values are 0. I’m guessing this is due to it being connected through the eGPU enclosure but I have no way to be certain.

I’m pretty lost here, any suggestions? I really appreciate any input.

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