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I would like to Bios mod this new Sapphire Pulse RX 5700

I am mining ETH and am getting following stable hash rates with the overclock settings:

I would like to bios mod (how?) to achieve stable hash rates of 55 mh/s and up with power at most 93-95 w. I have seen many have achieved these and better results. I have been able to get up to 55mh/s at 95 w but it wasnt stable and resulted in very frequent reboots.
Can anyone help me with a bios mod setup so that I can get stable higher hashrates with around same power consumption.

Did you find any solution? I got Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 Triple Fan. Bios: 113-2E4262U-O4S
Samsung memory. I am not able to find the bios online.
I am getting 50.7MH with 102W (Core 1400, MV: 800, Memory Clock: 1500)

If I download the bios and try to mod using polaris, it erros that bios is not correct.

I followed few methods outlined on youtube and also by Igors lab, but my GPU became unstable everytime, and I had to revert back to stock bios. I may not be doing the bios mod properly (although I did try to follow everything as outlined), or my card is a little wonky, and does not accept the mods for mining…I dont know the reason. So I am using stock bios with OC settings as follows and am satisfied with the output and am no longer looking for a mod for to get few more mh.

I followed the instructions here, and I’m getting 55-58 on both of my 5700 xt Nitro+ GPUs: Rx 5700 xt - 58.4MH/s 95w

One issue that may be causing reboots is your hiveos version. I (and a number of other users) experience reboots whrn we update past [email protected] I accidentally updated one of my 5700xt rigs to the latest version last week, and started consistently getting GPU detected dead reboots until I lowered the memory clocks on multiple cards to 930 or lower. I downgraded to [email protected] today, and my rig has been running fine since with the increased memory clocks. The other 5700 xt rig has been stable for months on [email protected] My OC settings are 1300 core, 750 core voltage, 750 memory voltage, and start at 950 memory clock. Lowest memory clock on some GPUs is 890 to eliminate invalid shares or reboots.