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I wnat to downgrade nvidia driver

I worker was updated to Nvidia driver to 460.84 that I can’t overclock on 3060’s
I was tried to commend nvidia-driver-update --list to 460.39 but it has error.

Do you have any idea?
or downland old hive os ?

patience that takes a long time when you put the command it took me up to 15 minutes

show the error you are getting.

that it
thank you

that is my setting
I know the setting is very bad
I am new plz help me~

Dude these settings are way too much. Set the core clocks to 1050 and memory to 2300.

What means of nvidia oc error?
How should i do

Thant you again

Hive os can’t identify my 3060’s when i was run nvidia-driver-update to nvidia driver 406.39


try driver version 465. nvidia-driver-update 465.
before that try write the following in the console
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo nvidia-driver-update 465
and let us know what its happening.

can overclock to 40MH for 3060’s in nvidia driver 465?
I am running command now

we need to test. otherwise we will need to purge the nvidia drivers ( clean remove them ) and then add the desired driver because something is messing with the system.

I was following the command and that is failed again

run the following

sudo apt purge nvidia-*
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean

sudo nvidia-driver-update 460.39

and let me know how it goes

more error~ :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

the easies way will be to reflash the image of hiveos on the SSD/USB flash drive you are using and configure it again.

OK~ I see
Maybe I do that tomorrow.

I can run work on Nvidia driver 460.84 but only have 27MH => core 2800/ men 3000/ PL 120
I hope that get more than 40HM from 3060’s
thank you for your help. may I have your contact?

what do you mean? which contat you need?

i installed Nvidia driver 406.39 again that was got failed on install DKMS

In the run bar at the top of the hiveos type Nvidia- driver-update 460.39. Easiest way!it looks like this >_ icon