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I want to send mining results to METAMASK

I would like to mine ETC and send the resulting ETC to METAMASK.
I made the following settings for Wallet and flight sheets, but ETC was not sent to METAMASK.
What is wrong with this setting?
By the way, I was able to successfully mine Bitcoin using the same Rig and send the results to unmineable.
Thank you.

Address:Metamask address
Source:Not selected

[Flight Sheets]

Did you mine until you reached the minimum payout threshold?

Thank you for answering!!
As you said, I haven’t been able to confirm that.

Are the current mining results recognized by checking the location of the attached image?
pending: Current mining result
Last payment: Threshold to be transferred to wallet

Also, are there any mistakes in the wallet, flight sheet, and settings themselves?

Threshold is 1 etc currently, looks like you are ~8.8% to that currently. Once you reach 1 etc you will be paid out. If you click on the pending etc it should take you to the pool dashboard and show you some more info.

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I’m sorry.
I didn’t notice the notification.
I understand about the threshold.
thank you!!

By the way, are there any flaws in the wallet settings I presented?

did the previous payment of ~1etc go to your wallet? if so youre good, just need to wait to reach 1 etc again

thank you for your reply.
Currently mining and waiting for it to reach 1ETC.

What I would like to ask is whether the wallet settings I presented are correct.
There was no answer as to whether the wallet settings I presented were correct or incorrect, so I would like to know that.

You didnt provide any addresses, just “metamask address”. Did you receive the payment from the payout of 1.0204 etc to that wallet? If that worked, then youre good.

thank you for your reply.

Is it correct to assume that if the MetaMask wallet address is correct, there is nothing wrong with my settings?

Yep you should be good

I intended to reply, but I was unable to send it.
thank you very much.
It was helpful!

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