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I tried everything with these GPUS (high temps)

As you can see in the photo, the temperatures are quite high, they are practically the same as I had in stock, and I bought thermal pads and thermal paste, looking at what mm each gpu needs and placing their own specific ones, I have only managed to drop 3-5ºC I don’t know what else to do with these gpus I can’t lower their temperatures

What are you mining?

Ravencoin but im editing memory and testing things thats why the oc settings

Try using a locked core clock instead of a power limit to regulate temps. For the memory temps you won’t be able to do much without replacing the thermal pads with better ones though. Alternatively you could mine something that doesn’t use the memory like kaspa/radiant.

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I also have some misbehaved cards that tend to run hot. I usually set the core a lot lower (as keaton said, use locked values) to keep the temperatures at check. You can also limit the pl to keep them cool.

How you set the rig fans can make a difference, whether these pull or push the air. On my rig I added fans to both sides.