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I only have one worker but premium features keep automatically re-enabling? I'm being charged for one rig

I only have one worker. A rig with 4 x 3060TIs dual mining ERG and RXD.

I have repeatedly disabled paid features, yet it keeps switching back on automatically? Now I can’t even disable it for 29 hours, meaning if I continue to mine I will be charged again!

What am I missing? Is this a bug, have I missed a part in the terms and conditions that states you DO get charged for 1 rig, or is this a nudge to force people to pay to use hive? I’ll be honest it’s having the opposite effect.

That is odd, but you should be able to see in your activity log whenever the paid features toggle is being enabled and by which user, it will only be automatically enabled when you have more than 2 rigs running, please contact support and we can look into it as well, [email protected] or live chat on

An update on this. I contacted support who said they would pass it over to someone to look at it but heard nothing back. Paid features kept switching back on despite all paid features being disabled. Eventually my account was locked.

What did the activity log show? You can reply to the ticket again as well