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I need a Wifi USB dongle

Hi all,

I need to install a Wifi USB dongle to my rig, I was looking at amazon and I found this:

but from the posts of the forum, I’m not sure if its possible to install itwithout many problems, do you know some dongle that works without issues? Now I have a pci-express card very simple and works perfectly without any extra configuration, but I now I need the pci-e port.

PS: I need the usb urgently, I can’t wait for aliexpress parcel.

Thanks you very much for your help.

You can install it but you need to install specific driver from the console. There are steps how to install it. I think i have posted them somewhere in the forum. Search and do it. I have the same and it works.


I saw your post, I did follow steps, hiveos detects the wlan, scan the networks and I write the password, but i get this error:

Select Access Point:

  1. [RESCAN NETWORKS] 4) DIRECT-24-HP OfficeJet 3830
  2. [CUSTOM SSID] 5) TP-Link_2.4GHz_Salcedo
  3. [ANY OPEN] 6) vodafone0EC0
    #? 5
    SSID: TP-Link_2.4GHz_Salcedo
    Password (type ‘NONE’ for open network): 3202Tocot@
    Saved to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
    State: off no-carrier no-carrier no-carrier

I don’t know what to do, the wifi access point is about 2.5 meters from dongle…

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