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I need a stock Bios for 5700XT BE sapphire SKU 11293-09-20

Is the card that goes just to 1925mhz in boost.
I have some 5700 non XT BE, i can-t flash them back to 5700.
This bios is the closest for my card, so i will try this.

i have it
where can i upload it for you ?
it’s micron memory
memory timings were modified when i bought it just changed them from another micron 5700xt
i don’t know if anything else was changed but seemed ok in my tests

I think mine has samsung memory…

i remeber it has both memory timings in the bios
if you don’t need the file i can send screenshots of it’s powerplay

I-m not that advanced in moding, i have 3 cards 5700be with 5700xt mining bios, i can-t change them back…

If you can, can you pls send it to my email adress? [email protected]

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I got you, try this. Its the original BIOS for the 5700 xt sapphire from techpowerup which is the most reliable source for bios’s. VGA Bios Collection: Sapphire RX 5700 XT 8 GB | TechPowerUp I think this is the one you have?

the powerplay of 5700xt be version looks like 5700xt pulse silent bios
i think you can test 5700 pulse silent bios too
but it might just be the powerplay that’s the same so be carefull
these two look like the silent ones since they have lower power limit

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Thank you but nitro+ is a very good version of 5700xt, my cards are 5700 non xt. I need a bios for a slower card and lower power limit because the cooling solution on the 5700be is not that good.

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Thank you for all your help, i-ll try the bios you sent first. I will go from there.