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I need a display to start Hiveos ! Why?

My hiveos doesn’t work if i don’t connect a display.

Mobo: MSI b450 gaming plus max
GPU: Asus tuf 3060 ti (just 1)

After connecting my rig to the TV with an HDMI cable, my rig goes online on Hiveos web page when I power my rig up. After Hiveos is running, there is no problem if I unplug the cable.

But I boot my rig without a display connection, My rig offline on Hiveos web page and I can’t run hiveos shell or shellinbox.

Why? Could you please help me?

I have a mix of rigs, only one motherboard in particular is touchy about an external monitor connection and it is a known motherboard issue. All my other Rigs are headless.

I’d look at the BIOS&Motherboard for limitations first.

Same motherboard, same GPU, same problem.
Did you find a solution for the problem?

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