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I need 3070ti oc settings

Hello guys happy mining, I have msi 3070ti, asus and zotac is on the way. What is the best oc settings for this card to mine ergo ? (Memory brand is micron)

Is that not LHR?

Yes but lhr for eth. Mining rvn or ergo is not limited

isn’t it 3400 mem too high ?

2 haftadır böyle çalışıyor tuf 3070ti

uyguladım şimdi çok iyi oturdu power falan düşük derece düşük ama aklıma takılan 3400 mem cok fazla geldi ramlere zarar vermeyelim de :slight_smile:

  • Memory (Mhz) — increases the GPU’s memory speed in Mhz. Usually this value is double from what you see in AfterBurner. For example, if in Windows it’s +800Mhz, then the value here should be 1600. The minimum and maximum values for your GPU can be found in the Nvidia X Server Settings tool by going to the PowerMizer tab.

1700 yani…

bunu biliyodum en fazla +1500 mhz artırabiliyorduk sanıyordum daha fazlaymış demek

Core 1550
MEM 3100
PL 135

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I have 2 cards 3070 ti Zotac with this oc

Fan 100, core -500, mem 2200, pl 200



Works fine and cold

which miner do you use?

T rex miner

thank you. On my rig the core settings is done in steps of 15mhz.

so it should be 1545 or 1560. Anything above 1560 LHR is kicking in on my card

Bro Im mining ergo and it doesn’t have lhr. Are u talking about ethereum ?

I know. It sounds strange. I’m taking about ergo too. if I set core above 1560 of memory between 500-2900, the hashrate will drop to 100.

I haven’t seen this kind of thing on my non-lhr cards

Core 1400
Mem 3000
PL 170

Gminer 55mh

Using GMiner and NVIDIA driver 470.74