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I made my gaming rig into a mining rig, RGB?

I transformed my gaming pc into a mining machine by adding GPUs. however, I need to turn off my RGB lightings which I have on rams and fans all around (I know if I unplug RGB cables of fans they go off, but I’m looking for a software solution, and again there’s no way to turn of RGB on RAMs physically). On windows, there was a tool called iCUE which is used to do the job but there is no version for Linux. Since I’m not gaming anymore, I’m looking for turning them off, If anyone has any solution to this would be highly appreciated.

Cool story bro. Welcome to the forum. You should be lambo’ing in no time.

In all honesty I’d leave them on. They add .25 mHash per card to ethhash algo. Serious.

Easy Solutions:

  1. Electrical tape. Use the tape to cover the parts where the LED’s shine through. Be sure to use the least amount possible.
  2. Use different ram chip that does not have LED’s (4 gb is about 25 bucks)
  3. Seems like people are petitioning corsair for linux support for iQUE.

Hard solutions:

  1. Reverse engineer the ram chip itself. Not sure how to do this but you’ll probably need a soldering iron, multimeter and a few other things. You’ll probably need something like a transistor or a resistive capacitor at the appropriate voltage to ‘safely’ redirect the powerflow.

Other solutions you could have figured out by googling
TLDR; Serious tho its the third comment from the top
If you can boot windows and install corsair's iCue software, then you can write your RGB color options in the firmware or prom of the motherboard LEDs.


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Appreciate the detailed answer. this is very helpful. Thank you! :smiley:

So, I feel really dumb for asking, but I have yet to figure it out on my own. Can you possibly explain further how to write RGB options in the firmware to work while using hiveos? I recently started mining on my gaming pc and the RGB from my 6 radiator fans (push/pull 360) and RAM is driving me nuts. Interestingly, though, the cpu cooler pump’s RGB on my cpu doesn’t come on for some reason, but the rest is too much.

On a side note, I think OpenRGB would potentially work, but i haven’t figured out downloading that to hiveos yet

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