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I lost my ETH due to wallet change

Hey there,
Unfortunately I lost my wallet and I don’t have any access to it
I have mined like 0.06 ETH on that wallet but when I changed it to a new one all of the ETH was gone and it start counting from zero.
Is there any way that I get my ETH back!?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello, did you fix this? having the same issue.


Как решил проблему? Подскажи пожалуйста

I just did the same thing. Dammit! My pending ETH went to zero…

No response from Hive…

This really sucks, I figure the wallet would be used when the time came to payout… there should be a warning or something…

Your ETH mined to date is still there, on the old wallet, waiting for you to reach threshold.

It is a rare pool which functions as many of you suspect. Mining rewards are tied to the wallet they are associated until payout thresholds are reached, then they are paid to the wallet. To do otherwise, means you have to provide in depth personal identifying information.

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Got mine figured out. Recreated a wallet with the old wallet address and added that to my flight sheets. Rebooted miners and all is well… so far…

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Hey, How can we create a new Eth Wallet with some particular Wallet address?
I believe the address is Automatic? isn’t it ?
Please advice, as I am also facing the same issue.

Where are you now?
What exactly are you looking for as an outcome?

Each ETH wallet address is unique vs. some particular.
Automatic implies a dynamic creation, not the case.

In above message , the treadhead64 guy mentioned , that he recreated the wallet with old wallet address. So, I asked that HOW ?
In my case, the wallet address on my Hivepool was from the exchange, and now exchange changed the wallet address, so I lost my old wallet too.
now, my payout is pending and can’t retrieve that pending payout.

He recreated a wallet within Hive. Basically just copy and pasted the old wallet address to a new wallet within the Hive wallet tab.

Every wallet address is, simply put, a different account and as such, every account has their own balance.

Auto-transfers between addresses are not possible because there’s no way of effectively verifying both wallets belong to the person claiming them.

Got that point… Even I did the same and used the New wallet now .
But, my issue is : I was using the wallet address from one of my exchange(Bitbns), where I do have account. But,now the exchange updated the wallet address for all customers and I do have a new wallet address now.
So, my earlier Wallet address become invalid now and I can’t accept any token into that. So, for payout I need to update the new wallet address on Hive, while my payout is 66%. But, as soon as I change the wallet address on Hive with the new one, it makes the Pending Payout as 0. Means, all my mined Ether are gone and need to give a fresh start.

Right, unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do.

We do not recommend using exchange wallets, because this entails a number of problems and difficulties for which we are not responsible and cannot affect them.

By using a wallet for mining from an exchange, you accept all the rules and risks that this entails.
We are not responsible for the exchanges, as well as the problems that they can create. Including them changing your address and your funds being lost as a result.

Best to start mining to a software wallet that you own the private keys to. If you don’t have the keys, the funds within that address are not truly yours.

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