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I have received the KS3 delivered at the end of July

Yes, I received the KS3 that I purchased at the end of July today, and it has filled me with excitement. I had been worrying all along if it would take until September or even longer to arrive. Every day, I was filled with concerns, but good luck has favored both you and me. Now, I can start doing things that bring happiness. Wish me luck! I will share what happens next here.

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Congrats! I have a ks1 that will be here Monday. Haven’t tested with a ks3 yet, but if you would like to try it out ASIC Hub testing branch has been updated to support iceriver ASICS to add them into Hiveon OS, cost is $2/month

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wow i never knew this was possible, just out of curiosity, what are the benefits of using your icerivers on Hive? is overclocking available?

No overclocking available (unless it is added by iceriver in the future which is unlikely). The idea is just to simplify monitoring and managing everything mining. With a quick glance you can see all your machines are working, temps are good, fan speeds and so on. Also, a matter of seconds to change pools/wallets by applying a new flight sheet from anywhere, not requiring you to be on the same local network and access the local ip dashboard to make these changes. Push notifications on your phone if the miner goes down or simply stops mining for whatever reason, hashrate watchdog to automatically restart/reboot underperforming miners. Plus you get months of stats(temps/fan speeds/hashrates) in hive vs only live stats from the iceriver alone. You could even automate testing pools by setting schedules to switch flight sheets at x time and switch back at y time. Want to setup dozens or even hundreds/thousands of miners at once without having to manually enter wallet address and pool address? This makes it all easier.

Is it something everyone needs? Absolutely not. Is it something that adds a ton of features and quality of life improvements? Most definitely.

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Does Antminer KS3 Also has support or only the Iceriver miners?

Currently only icerivers, but once we have access to an antminer ks3 it shouldn’t take long to integrate.