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I have deal with low hash rate for 3080

I have 3 cards of 3080, one of Gigabyte, one of MSI Gaming X Trio, and one of MSI Suprim X.

the Gigabyte works ok and giveme ~98mh but my problem is the two MSI cards.
they are not LHR.
but the hashrate is low. need help, what i can do to increase the hashrate?
I can tell that Iv tried to change the OC, I tried all the options from the two pages from popular preset for 3080 in the hiveos interface but didnt got something that more then 88mh.

my cards:

Msi bios is limited, you can flash another 3080 fhr bios as long as it has the same amount of power connectors as yours (2 8 pin, or 3 8pin)

Also, change to locked core clocks, your -100 negative offset isn’t doing much good for the card. Change it to 1080mhz and as much mem as is stable after you flash the bios. I’m using a ftw3 bios on my gaming z trio 3080, power numbers are misreported using the different bios also fyi.

i have it even worse! I have 28mh/s on ETX 3080 in hiveos… I have no clue what’s going on and that’s when I’m running OC settings. See picture.

your core clock is way too high. reduce that to like 1200mhz and remove power limit completely. are you using lolminer with 510.xx drivers? if not do that.

see photo. I switched to lolminer from t-rex and I have the most recent drivers. See photo

much better and a little steadier, but not ideal hashrates yet. thanks for that

find the highest mem clock thats stable, make sure to restart the miner after making changes

Okay, does hitting refresh a lot of times mess anything up? I seemed to get better hash on Nbminer but i’m going to swap back and forth between Nb and lol. I’ll mess with the mem.

nbminer should be would be 3rd at best. And no refreshing doesn’t impact anything. If you want faster info open the miner in shell and you’ll see real-time

I managed to get a consistent 63mh/s performance out of all 4 gpu’s overnight, but I can’t get them any faster. I’m not sure what to do.

I flashed a diff MSI bios onto the card after watching a video and nothing really changed with MH/s. I didn’t have any issues with the card either, but i’m trying to exhaust every method. Any suggestions?

What clocks? What miner version?

I just reset the clocks and rebooted it and reflashed back to the original bios for the card (since i only tested it on one card) and I think the clock were 1200 2600 90 320. At 320 power was the most consistent and best hasrates. Not placing a power or fan level would make it for to 40mh/s from 63mh/s

when I reboot. I get the fastest hash rates I’ve seen, but only briefly and then they shoot down.

and then this is the consistent hashrate without waiver.

Using lolminer 1.48?

It says it’s selected as the “latest”. Does this count as 1.48? I see that 1.48 is right under the “latest”.

I adjusted it back to 1.48 for lolminer and it made no difference in hashrates. This is really frustrating, haha.

I am having this issue with a 3080 FE… Starts out at 100+ MH, then drops to 75MH… i have re-padded. Temps are 76c/78c on Hive… Clocked at 1200 locked core, and 2600 mem.

76 core is pretty high. run nvtool --throttle and post the output here

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