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I have a rig with 12 XFX 6600xt. One GPU is always missing every time I restart the rig

I have a rig with 12 XFX 6600xt. One GPU is always missing every time I restart the rig. Does anyone is having the same issue?

Is it the same card every time? What have you done for troubleshooting?

Yes, it is the same card. I remove it from the rig and leave it unplugged for one day. It works after putting it back. I could not find what is wrong with that.

What clocks/voltages are you running?

I’m running with the below OC:
Core: 1100
Core Voltage: 600
MEM: 1155

Core voltage is too low.

What is the appropriate core voltage?

Lowest that is stable

I can’t get it working even after updating the OC. I try to put the card directly on the board and it works. However, it doesn’t work when I put it back on the riser. Any idea on this?

Would you happen to be running a H110 Pro motherboard?

This one does it all the time:

fwiw: These are XFX 2 fan and 3 fan models:

what did you change the oc to? if it works on the motherboard directly and not the riser narrow down your variables.

As Keaton is implying, eliminating the riser and it works points to the riser path which includes:

  • Riser
  • PCI adapter
  • USB cable
  • however you are powering the riser

I changed the OC by removing the limit on Core Voltage:
Core: 1132
MEM: 1155

I try to change the riser and put it on another rig but still can’t get it to work. It works when I put it directly on the board.

I’m running on this motherboard.

Personally, I consider a kernel upgrade to #83.

Not sure if that board also requires power for the PCI bus, but mine sure does.

These are the numbers I’m using with no issues. This gives me 32.20mh using 51 watts as shows in HiveOs.

Not mining with full hashrate for various potential reasons, but the rig is online.

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I manage to get that GPU to work again. However, I need to use a different OC from the other cards on the rig.

Glad it is running for you. I do have a small percentage of mine which, just require extra love and attention. I do not mix them in my bigger rigs, too much downtime created.

If it gave me trouble again, it would get yanked so the 11 GPUs can run.