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I have a question with gtx 960 4gb on etc mining

I am a beginner in the field of mining, I only mined with 4gb amd gpus, r9 380/380x, rx550, 4gb alls, and i mine ethereum classic [etc].
and i have a question, i want to buy 4x gtx 960 4gb strix, and on google/yt searches i dont find a video with hashrate on ethereum classic, and I don’t understand how I can find out how much hashrate makes the gtx 960 4gb on the ethereum classic
thanks for answers anticipated

You might be better off mining RVN I guess.

I think it doesn’t matter if you mine ETH or ETC, hashrate should be the same. Just that mining ETH with 4GB cards isn’t possible anymore

I also searched on similar sites, but it shows me useless things, for example about r9 380 it tells me that it makes 43mh, and it makes me 20-21 on etc


look for “halving” . Check whether a recent halving occurred between the time of your example and today.

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