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I get this message in the miner, after changing a flight sheet

Hi there! I’m having some issues while mining on hiveos, I was mining without problems but I just changed a flight sheet that has another wallet on it and I realized that the miner says this message and I don’t really know how to fix it. However, I get accepted shares and I see the numbers on the pool. Any advice?
I’m using T-rex miner

Ihavethe same issue. I downgraded t-rex and hiveos but didn’t help.
So I used gminer which sllved the issue atm.


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Just checked on HiveOS discord and I found a solution by adding this command into the miner and my problem seem to be solved.

"api-bind-telnet" : "0"

Here is a caption of my miner

This fixes the issue for me. Issue could be solved an dclosed?

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