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I get error when i insert my rx6800 card

until this morning there was no problem with my miner. but when i changed my gpu this morning it didn’t turn on again. I only have 4 gpu. rx 580, vega56, rx 6700 and rx6800. Without the 4th gpu, my miner works fine, but when I plug it into my 4th miner, the system gives an error. .Has anyone encountered such a problem before? how do i solve this problem?
sorry for my bad english, i am turkish.
thank you in advance for your help

does it work with any 3 cards? or is the one card not working at all, even by itself?

yes, it works with 3 cards installed, but when i insert the 4th card, it gives this error

do you have 4g encoding enabled?

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on the motherboard?

in the bios, yeah

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I will try, I will write if there is a solved

yes, that was exactly the problem i guess, now all 4 gpu are working. thank you for your support

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