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I don't understand the billing for my rigs

Hi there,
I have 3 rigs so related Hive Pricing I guess that I should have be in tier " Perslonal " 0.5 - 3 USD per month but Hive bill me 0.27 USD per day what is more than 8 USD per month !
Really I don´t understad much…
Can you advice me ?
Thanks a lot for explain

I’ve had a similar issue with the new HiveOS pricing update (11th of March), I was mining peacefully with 3 workers before, until the new update start charging me for like $0.29 per day…

Apparently I found out that they are charging based on each GPU that you have in each worker, and if you have 6+ GPUs in one rig, you’ll be charged for $3 just for that one rig alone… So for 3 rigs with each having 6+ GPUs would be a total bill of $9 per month, which makes sense for the price that you have right now with 1 less GPU in one of the rigs.

BTW, I tried to remove 1 of my worker right after the new update to match with the “Free” tier but they were still charging me for the remaining 2 workers I had for $0.19 per day… Hiveon support said it’s a bug and is now fixed, but I would still have to pay for the negative balance… (quite disappointed :disappointed:)

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you can see the billing breakdown in the billing tab. $0.50 (since all your rigs have 6 or less gpus) x 17 gpus = $8.5/month or 27 cents per day.

if you consolidated your gpus between 2 rigs it would be free (after disabling paid features toggle in billing)

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thanks a lot

китон, подскажи как отключить платные функции? у меня 3 фермы и за все взимается плата((( копаю на найсе

If you have 3 farms then you likely have 3+ workers? If so you cannot disable paid features as you dont meet the requirements of 2 or less workers.

請問我在重新 支付了LTC 後,現在 農場餘額 $ 45.43,但是農場還是被鎖住,可以告訴我原因嗎

where does it show locked?

rigs catnt linking to hive

You have no rigs on your farm in the picture