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I Don't Know What Destroyed The Whole Rig

I have a pretty cold environment and my cards cannot get overheated. The rig was up and running since two weeks without any errors. Sometimes after a few days, one of my GPU get dead but it’s not the specific to GPU and it does not affect mining at all.
I don’t know what happened yesterday and one of my gpu 5700 xt was getting dead every minute and keep restarting the system and the miner. I pulled out 5700 XT but still I am getting this error which I will include in the screenshot related to watchdogs and it didn’t work. Flashing the hive OS does not work.
The error is somewhat related to temperature and my rx 580 have 511 Celsius temperature as reported on hiveos.

Please fix your forum as it consistently blocking me for posting and reporting my thread as spam I mean what did I do wrong? I want help and why this all is happening. Who would be interested in spamming your forum? at least help them post the issue instead of auto detecting and creating problems for the posters.

It is impossible for me to post any screenshots. Please, I request the moderator of the forum to help me out with this restriction I am A real person who actual problem and looking for solution from the forum.

511 error is a power delivery error, typically from a melted/broken cable, but could also be from a card not fully seated in the pcie slot or a faulty card.

It’s not a software issue