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I changed the payout settings and it does not pay

Hi Friends! I changed the payout settings i put the option “you pay tx fee” (0,1eth and 80gwei) in the tab “payouts” show message “available” in Green but no receive the payment and not pay automatcally. Anyone can help me?

If you already requested it, requesting again will show that message. Payments are processed once per day as laid out in the payment policy, how long ago did you request payment?

I request the payment 3 days ago.

Can you post your wallet address here

Ok, 0xfc951e1e637d2a269ed1129fe6e66e23d4e81860

Thanks for answer

What did you set your gas fee limit to?

The first day put the limit to 60 gwei, the next day, when i check he didnt pay me, i put the gas fee to 80 gwei.

Anyone can tell me something about this problem? Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, looks like your wallet is flagged due to high stale/invalid percent from April 12th.

Send an email to [email protected] with your wallet/account details and that you need your wallet unlocked.

i send now, thanks a lot!

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