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I changed the payout settings and it does not let me request the payment

Hi Folks! I changed the payout settings and I set it up with the option “you pay tax fee” (0,119 eth and 80 gwei) in the tab “payouts” show message “available” in Green but no receive the payment and not pay automatically. Anyone can help me?

You can’t request again after pressing request until you have a balance larger than your threshold again.

So, if I reach the threshold again, I can press request and get paid for both the last one and the new one? Or get paid for the new one and lose the old payment. Just making sure I got this correct. thankyou

i dont follow your question, what do you mean lose the old payment? you were paid your complete balance on 5/25/22 Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

I requested a payout on the 8th of June but have not received it yet. Here are the screenshots.
Did I lose the Ethereum transfer? Has my wallet been locked? How can I fix this problem? Can I cancel the transaction and make a new one increasing the transaction fee? Please help

ah didnt realise you werent the OP, disreguard my comment above. what did you set the gas price to?

Too low 20 Gwei

You can contact support and see if they are able to cancel the pending payment, or wait for gas to drop. [email protected]

Thank you keaton, your help is much appreciated

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