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I can't stop getting invalid shares

Hey, I’m kinda new to mining so I don’t understand what can I do stop getting invalid share?

I use HiveOS and phoenix miner, but I’m thinking about using trex instead because I read it was better for Nvidia cards, what do you think about it?

I tried a lot of OC settings but still can’t go to 100%, can you help me please? Here’s my setup and my OC settings.

Thank you very much!

For sure the very first step is move to t-rex miner, then let us know if you get better

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First of all don’t use core offsets on 30 series cards for eth, Switch to locked core clocks, as low as you can go without losing hashrate. Should be around 1080mhz on the 3070 and around 1400mhz on the 3060tis, you don’t need power limits with locked core clocks either.

Try trex or gminer instead of phoenix, and if you continue getting invalids after, reduce memory clocks and reboot each time.

I moved to trex miner and now I have a 100% ratio so thank you guys!

I changed my OC settings to the ones you recommanded me, I’ll see.

Thanks you helped me a lot!