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I can't be paid

I have 0.174 ETH have not been paid.

but it say “To claim unpaid balance now, validate your account by typing the public IP address (..*.5) of your highest performing worker”.

After I input, it prompts that “Incorrect IP address”.

I used SSL before,and now the highest performing worker is shut dwon .

What can i do???

Are you using the remote IP address? Or local?

If you have any issue you can contact support [email protected] and they can issue payment on your behalf if you aren’t able to get past the ip verification

yes~ remote IP address and server port forwarding of course.
And I don’t know why I sent it to bee#[email protected] 's letter was returned.
I have sent it to [email protected].

Sorry, typo there. You should be good then just wait for reply or you can also start a chat on the main page